Four-Course Living

In 2015, a new program became the recipient of a grant from the Arcare Charitable Fund. At the time, Sherry Carter and Jean Porter were volunteering their time and talent to provide cooking classes to individuals with disability through the K-State Research and Extension Master Food Volunteer Program. After learning more about their outreach, our organization was thrilled at the opportunity to get involved. In addition to providing a grant to support the program, we enlisted the help of our marketing team, Circle Sideways, to help create its identity. That’s when Four-Course Living was born.

The program focuses on providing those with special needs essential ingredients for independence. The courses within the program fall under four primary categories: nutrition, safety, planning and prep.

Through these courses, students have the opportunity to exercise their ability to listen, follow directions, cooperate, and utilize basic kitchen equipment as they cook and enjoy a meal with their peers. The skills attendees learn also provide a foundation for healthier living and cost savings related to meal planning. Classes are available for residential staff members to help engage their client population in better nutrition as well.

To sign up for a class, visit

Or, for a complete overview of the program, download a copy of the Four-Course Living brochure and a copy of our Staff Classes insert.

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