Arcare: A Non-Profit Committed to Caring for Your Loved One

Arcare Services Overview PresentationMore than 40 years ago, a group of parents of children with disabilities gathered to ponder who would look after their loved ones when they no longer could. After all, these children had competent, reasonable coping skills but would be in need of a trusted support system to help them continue living normal lives. Unaware of any resources in existence, they decided to create their own solution to this abundant need.

Arcare, a certified 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in 1982 and designed to make certain that individuals with a disability would receive caring, planned, professional support throughout their lives. Initially, the focus was on developing full-service, long-term plans for each of its clients. Over time, the non-profit has added additional programs and core services tailored to meet each person’s needs and each family’s desires. Arcare serves individuals with all types of disabilities and is certified by the State of Kansas to act as a legal guardian and/or conservator for individuals with disabilities.

Our Mission

To provide caring and professional advocacy and program services to individuals with disabilities while assisting them in achieving their highest level of well-being.


  • Arcare is committed to providing caring, planned and professional support to individuals with disability throughout their lives.
  • Arcare delivers exceptional, custom-tailored services and handles every situation with the utmost care and confidentiality.  
  • Arcare helps families feel confident knowing even when they are no longer able to provide support, their loved one will continue to be cared for and protected.


  • We believe individuals with disabilities have the right to live the highest quality of life and achieve the highest level of well-being and independence possible.
  • We use a person-centered philosophy to emphasize the unique needs of each individual we serve.
  • We believe an individual is more than their disability, and we are committed to respecting and recognizing the strengths of our clients, families, staff and community partners. 
  • We value financial transparency, accountability, innovation and compassionate service.

Fiduciary Duty

Arcare is firmly committed to upholding our fiduciary duty regarding assets entrusted to our oversight. We take proactive steps toward protecting each beneficiary’s assets by systematically exercising the following measures:

  • Monthly account reviews
  • Annual audit performed by a separate and distinct external audit firm
  • Regular meetings and oversight from our Board of Directors and Investment Committee
  • Regular meetings with our investment manager, which include the review of Assets Under Management (AUM) and market performance
  • Annual tax filings with external CPA firms
  • Multiple policies and procedures that include checks and balances that follow standard accounting practices and include internal controls such as segregation of duties
  • Maintenance of insurance, which includes:
    • Cyber
    • Directors and Officers
    • Professional Liability
    • Crime
    • Umbrella

Arcare is a proud member of:

  Interhab    National PLAN Alliance    National Guardianship Assocation

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