Additional Resources for Loved Ones with a Disability

To help uphold Arcare’s commitment to the individuals and families we serve, we cannot go it alone. We partner with many other businesses, organizations and resources to ensure you can access the support and information you need regarding care for your loved one. Below are just a handful of some of the groups and resources Arcare consistently works with for positive outcomes for our clients.

Regional Social Security Offices
Delivering Social Security services in the Kansas City Region to meet changing public needs

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Preventing illness, coordinating better care and lowering costs for a healthier America

Special Needs Alliance
A non-profit organization of attorneys specializing in disability and public benefits law

Kansas Department for Children & Families
Protecting children, promoting healthy families and encouraging personal responsibility
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Social Security’s 2015 Red Book
A general guide to employment-related provisions of the SSDI and the SSI programs
Request a printed copy at 410.965.2039

Helping addicts and their loved ones overcome addiction to live healthier lives
For treatment help: 1-800-662-HELP (4357)
Offering information and tools to help you and those you care about stay healthy
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Find top-rated treatment programs for drugs and alcohol

Johnson County Developmental Supports
Facilitating career and personal development for residents with developmental disabilities

Johnson County Mental Health Center
Serving as a safety net for individuals with the most severe forms of mental illness

Tri-Ko, Inc.
Community Service Provider (CSP) that assists persons with developmental disabilities to achieve meaningful levels of independence, inclusion and productivity.

Elizabeth Layton Center
Providing affordable and easily accessible mental health services and programs

Empowering all Kansans through informed choice, rights, responsibilities, quality services, and self advocacy.

Elizabeth Layton Center
Providing affordable and easily accessible mental health services and programs

Cottonwood, Inc.
We help people with disabilities shape their own future.

Bert Nash CMHC
Responding to Needs, Restoring Lives, and Building a Healthy Community

Shawnee County’s most experienced provider of support for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Valeo Behavioral Health Care
Providing Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Recovery

Big Lakes Developmental Center
The mission of Big Lakes Developmental Center is to deliver quality services that promote choice, independence, and inclusion for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Pawnee Mental Health Services
Responding to Needs | Building Healthy Communities | Restoring Lives

Hetlinger Developmental Services
Serving Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disablities

Crosswinds Counseling & Wellness
A safe space to cope with everyday life.

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