The Life Care Plan: Personalized Planning Can Make All the Difference

The Life Care Plan provides individualized planning services for families whose lives are affected by disability. The plan seeks to answer important questions about the future, including:

Who will care for my loved one when I am gone?
Will he have the resources and services he needs?
Who will look out for her?
Who will make important medical, treatment and life decisions?

During the development of a personalized plan, trained Arcare professionals help families ask and answer these and many other difficult questions. Together, we consider financial, legal and social resources your loved one may need now and in the future. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure you feel confident knowing your loved one will be cared for and protected even when you’re no longer able to provide the direct services and support he or she needs. The Life Care Plan also helps relieve family members and close friends of overwhelming responsibilities that can cause unwanted hard feelings or conflict later on in life.

Key components of the Life Care Plan include:

  • Monitoring: We will be there when the family can no longer maintain oversight of the living, learning, working and healthcare environments.
  • Advocacy: We ensure that the system is fully meeting the needs of the client, and the client is receiving the benefits to which he or she is entitled.
  • Guardianship: We can assume responsibility for surrogate decision-making for clients who have been deemed in need of a guardian.
  • Payee Representation: We will manage public benefits monies, including those from the Social Security Administration, to pay the client’s bills and issue spending money.
  • Conservatorship: We can manage the client’s financial resources when the court has deemed it to be necessary.
  • Coaching: With proper support and guidance, we can help the client cope with life’s demands and responsibilities, including money management.
  • Recordkeeping: We record and provide a permanent repository of medical information, family and individual data, and plan desires.
  • Trusteeship: We provide trusteeship within our pooled trust program and for stand-alone trusts.

Each plan is updated annually (or more often, if necessary) to ensure that changes in needs or preferences are accurately reflected, leaving nothing to chance. For more information about the Life Care Plan, contact us and ask for Janice Godsey.

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