Distribution of Funds: The Nuts and Bolts of Our Representative Payee Program

Many individuals with disabilities experience difficulty paying bills and managing a household budget. Under Arcare’s Representative Payee Program, the Social Security Administration (SSA) directly deposits benefits into an account on behalf of the individual with a disability. Arcare is then responsible for coordinating the distribution of those funds as needed to cover daily living expenses and routine bills.

Here are a few things to consider regarding the Representative Payee Program:

  1. The SSA appoints a representative payee when a beneficiary is determined incapable of managing or directing someone else to manage his/her Social Security and/or SSI payments.
  2. A representative payee can be an individual or organization whose main responsibility is to use Social Security and/or SSI payments to pay for the current and foreseeable needs of the beneficiary.
  3. Arcare is an organizational representative payee. The SSA regulates the monthly fee allowed for this service. Please see our fee schedule for the current rate.
  4. We develop a budget for our clients according to Social Security requirements, with basic needs the priority (food and shelter). On a weekly or monthly basis, we the payee put money on a bank cash card for the beneficiary to use for spending and groceries. We also work closely with each individual and/or the individual’s case manager as needed.

For more information, contact us and ask for Ken Dominick. Please keep in mind that the process for approval often takes 6-8 weeks.

Stimulus Money Request

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Federal government passed the CARES Act. One provision of the legislation distributes Economic Impact Payments, or stimulus checks, to qualified individuals. Please use this form to request payout of your stimulus funds from Arcare.

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